Saturday, June 4, 2011

TSE - Day 7, the final day

TSE Day 7 – the final day

“I think we worked perty well together”, a quote straight from Cissy. Yeah. We finished. We’re bad. Oh yeah! 7 days! We made it. What an accomplishment. I feel great and I don’t want it to end. It was painful during the entire process but now I want it to continue. I want to have to wake early in the AM and hop on the bike on my sore arse and ride 40+ miles of difficult trails and spend 4 hours suffering. I want to do it again. What in my genetic make up makes me crave such suffering. Why do I enjoy punishing myself? What aspect of suffering gives me pleasure? Don’t know. Uncertain. I do know that I’m in Pennsylvania and they sell beer from the bar in 6 packs and 12 packs and I have a 12 pack of Pennsylvania brewed Yuengling sitting here beside me that probably won’t make it through the night (well at least 6 of them). I just returned from the bar (beer store) with said 12 pack which is extremely celebratory and now my wonderful woman is cooking macaroni and cheese from scratch in a camper after riding 7 days in a stage race and what could be better? You tell me and I’d say you are wrong. This is what I live my life for and I’m currently knee deep and enjoying it and here I am…. Smiling and happy and don’t want it to end. I see yoga poses out of the corner of my eyes, smell macaroni and cheese in my nostrils, hear rain on the camper roof, feel food and beer in my belly, feel pain in my quads, feel 7 days of racing just under my belt and I need nothing else.
All is good.



Official finisher of the 2011 Trans Sylvania Mountain Bike Stage Race co-ed duo team.

26.47 miles
30.5 max speed
2:46 time
9.5 avg

we're done

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