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Feets aren't round

What's a wheel? Isn't that cheese? or something you spin and hope your ticker doesn't designate bankrupt?

No biking since early December. I vaugely remember a mental note to "buy the chris king lubricating tool" for that fancy bottom bracket that's barely spun enough to substantiate it's super cost.

Stir Crazy I am. So run i must. It started with a run/walk jaunt along the beach in Isabella, Puerto Rico - where it is sunny and warm, not frozen and icy.

Here is my longest run for 2010 (and 2009 and 2008 and 2007 and 2006):

01/19/2010 Route auction day
Find more Runs in Hendersonville, North Carolina

It was pain, in that good way.
Maybe doors are opening up that were once adventure racing????
mucho tacos amigos.

up and down and up and down and down

Is it better to be calm and centered in your enviornment when it's 12 degrees and miserable or frustrated and pissed off in a warm place in the middle of winter. Yin and Yang prevails in my life...a constant reminder of the other side. Just remember, whatever you experience has an equal or opposite side that you will also encounter. If you are down in the dumps an opposite good time will be around the corner and vice-versa. Yin and Yang makes the world go round.