Sunday, October 11, 2009

New place, old friends, new friends, soon to be old place. Hot Springs was a great place to spend a weekend. Water, easy camping, great trails and a wonderful celebration of two people getting married and sharing their special day with a bunch of rowdy friends.

Yes, it rained, but it fit. It wasn't about the weather, the lack of sunshine, who had the best clothes, best food, best car or even best was about spending time, sharing words, laughs, knuckle slams, hugs, smiles and vows. Nothing would spoil the groups good intention for the newlyweds.

Twas a cool weekend. Congrats to the the Leroys. Congrats to the joining of two wonderful families.

As if Jonathon and Kristen didn't have enough to plan somehow an excellent ride lingered in the works. Housekeeping came early for cabin #5 on Sunday morning (Jonathon posing as a high voiced ESL maid) after dancing the night away and topping it off with an ice cream sandwich from the local 7-11 at what seemed like 4am in the morning. I visited the twilight zone as a husband & wife or boyfriend/girlfriend pulled up to the front of the store in a truck with "beer is good" in huge white letters across the windshield and they both were sporting (non-military) camo from head to toe. If you're skeered say you're skeered! There threatening appearance didn't stop me from my strawberry shortcake ice-cream sandwich. I ain't skeered, just hungry.

We wiped the foggy vision from our eyes, gathered bike schtuff and hit Paint Mountain and Paint Rock trails. What a loop. Don't have much energy remaining and wish all my time could be spent with excellent friends on excellent trails.

Jonathon & Kristen: best wishes to you both. C and I are thankful to be in your circle of friends. May your years be as wonderful as times we have spent together and may laughter dominate your days and nights.

peace out.