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2008 Double Dare - Day 2

I rarely sleep well except for after day 1 of the double dare. Sleep seems to be plentiful when you know you must wake in 4 hours. Oh well.

The morning came fast and with it a whirlwind of preparation. Where's the pump? Crap! I can't find my other sock! Do you have any Cliff Shots left? After a few minutes of morning delusion, the smoke in my eyes cleared and I realized what we were there to do. Eric of Pisgah Productions rode by our camper van Tahoe ringing a large boisterous cowbell at approximately 5:30 am. A cow bell seems to slice through the sanctuary of Pisgah morning silence like a hot knife through butter. I bet there were squirrels and raccoons kissing their loved ones goodbye because they thought judgement day had arrived, or maybe I solely owned those destructive actions.

Once I realized Eric's cow bell was not the doomsday tolling death bell, I shifted into high speed, gathered my things and joined Cissy who had been ready in at least 50…