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2008 Double Dare - Day 1

I could kiss my Double Dare partner this year without fear of

A: getting clobbered by my partner
B: getting clobbered by my partners partner
C: her waking up

All of the above reasons made for an excellent Pisgah Productions weekend in the woods, and oh yeah, it didn't rain.

I teamed up with my s/o (significant other - not "surprisingly odd") for this years race. It was hard dropping my prior teammate of Jen Rinderle but about this time last year I got all googly eyed for the grocery girl and I am throwing out an invitation to potential disaster. Racing with your girlfriend. Wow. That's a step in direction. To some, it would mean sure separation, but to me, and hopefully her, it was a step in the RIGHT direction.

When I started hinting to Bi-Lo mama that I may extend an invitation to her to race the 2xDare with me, I usually premised the conversation with "how do you feel about riding until your totally spent and freezing and asleep and hungry and in pain?&…

Half full/Half empty?

Another day in life completed.

Black Mtn > Turkey Pen > 22 jumps > Bradley Creek > Pea Gap > Bradley Creek > 1206 > Laurel Mtn. > Pilot Rock > 1206 > 276 > 475B > Seniard (now road) > 225 > 475B > 475 > 276 > Black Mtn.

44.57 miles/7750 feet elevation/8 or so hours

Loss or gain? Happy column? Sad column? Good? Bad? Half full? Half Empty?

Big fish, little fish swimming in the water............

Disgusted with my current profession, i sit and profess to you, electronic shiterature voyeur, about half full/half empty:

What a great day in the woods. That's a beautiful new subdivision. A 9 hour journey in Pisgah is an appetizer. If we get the STARZ pack, we'll have 9 more HD options. We climbed more hours than not. Is there an elevator to the mezzanine? My empty stomach after four hours of riding made me feel lighter and faster. Yes. Up size combo 4 please. My cell phone doesn't work. My cell phone doesn't work. My girlfriend is so…