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Mongolia Bike Challenge 2017 - A brief history of time

The Mongolia Bike Challenge 2017 Tired, heavy eyed, suddenly sitting in my office chair but my brain and body are traveling at Boeing 777 speed over the Pacific with the hum of jet engines in an unconscious area of my mind. I sit and try to get ready for the upcoming work week but the afterglow of a twenty day vacation as far away from home as possible is flashing a slow motion slide show of landscapes and feelings experienced while gone.Prior to arriving in Mongolia I had little knowledge of the terrain.I only knew what I found online and what one local professional racer was willing to share (not much at all). I composed this post to answer questions for those who are interested in the Mongolia Bike Challenge so they feel more informed than I did.
I've wanted to visit Mongolia since seeing pictures of it in a geography class in high school. Green is all i remember and green is what I got. I witnessed endless miles of green grass and cows, gers (yurts), yaks, horses, people, rocks…