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Sunday, 7/29/07

Spent a good weekend down in the bellos, Campobello that is with friends ZB, Mater, Kristen N Meghan. Did some bike spa schtuff, cookin out, enjoying adult bevs so on and so on. Went to Croft State Park today and kicked down a quick 21. I dig the trails in NC but twisty single track takes me back to my roots of Yellow River, early 90's Athens, Chicopee, basic ATL tight n twisty...just like i like it. ZB n Mater were SS it so i was kicking the gears. i miss the tight n twisty. Zoom zoom, not in Mazda style but in schwoopy, bumpy going so fast you hover kind of style. I was made for that kind of riding and it's nice to hit every once in a while. It makes me know i am alive, like nothing else can.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yeah. I like my bike. Had em longer than any girlfriend, longer than most friends, maybe that will change in the near future. People who don't ride don't understand it's a love affair; the spin, the wind, the breathing, consuption of adult beverage after the's a lifestyle. Did 65 miles today on the road bike. Went from Hendo to Saluda then down Holbert Cover and back up the 17 switchbacks and back to Saluda> Greenville Watershed then Hendo again. What a day. I thank God for my ability to ride and clear my mind of funk. I should tape record rides cause i come up with some great ideas but today all i could do was recite the chorus to Mojo Nixon's "are you drinkin wif me Jesus". I'ts not a blasphomous (sp) song but a kind and friendly way of perceiving Jesus. Jesus, he's my friend and Jesus is just allright with me and of course Jesus just left Chicago. Any way, this is me and the bike is what propells my life, keeps me looking forward t…

Ping Ping Ping. Richochet Rabbit.

Rabbits are cute and fluffy, but they still get fleas and disease and they die and get hit by cars and trucks and eaten by wolverines. Such is life, and I've been off the bike for almost a month now. "Shucks Wally, this sucks".
"So Beav, what've you been doin?"
"Hiking, listening to Purple Rain over and over and watching "The Whitest Kids U'know" on It's funny as all git out."

In all reality, if there is such a thing, time off the bike allows for other influences to re-enter your life, like finishing the three year kitchen re-model or writing the great Hendersonville novel. The novel will probably finish first.

No biking = too much crazy head space


Not sure what's what anymore. Looking for that thing called "sanity".
Sanity is relative I suppose. Those who seem to have it, often don't and those lacking can plead ignorance. So, if I never knew what sanity was in the first place would I know I lost it? Ma…