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To Hill and Back

This was supposed to be a 70-80 miler but as things went along i thought "ah, why not?". Started as the "Flat Rock Village Bakery" Saturday morning road ride at 9. We rolled down the water shed, cranked two laps around camp old indian, hit Hwy 11, Oak Grove, Lake Lanier, Tryon, Mill Spring, Green River Switch backs, Thompson, Fork Creek, Greenville St to Saluda, 176, roper, flat rock, little river, middleton, crail farm, old kanuga, 2 and 1/2 laps around Osceola then to the crib. tired as all get out. things went swell till mile 75 then i got tired. Joe and Cissy and David G. and Alexis came along as well but DG and Alexis split off after first lap of camp old indian casuse they had better stuff to do than suffer with Joe, Cissy and myself. Joe gets the spirit award for starting to feel great around mile 75 and puttin on the hurt. Cissy gets the "back to back" ribbon for mountain biking 7 hours in Pisgah till the wee hours of the evening on Friday then ge…